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We do more than just bins. By providing boxes, bins, and barns you are not only lowering the textiles in the waste stream, you’re encouraging people to recycle items that can all be recycled into useful products.

Boxes are great for collecting indoors and can be decorated. We provide you free of charge with the boxes you need.

Bins are easy and convenient and can be placed outdoors. Cash4Clothes will help maintain and manage the bins and may even be able to customize them for your organization, school, community center, etc.

Barns are the nicest looking option and can store larger quantities. These can also be customized with a sign and left outdoors.

Cash4Clothes takes care of all the maintenance and managing of the bin or barn and if there is ever a problem we are only a phone call away. If boxes, bins, or barns are full, please call us to pick up the clothing. Additionally, if there are any other problems please contact us as well so we can make sure our outdoor bins and barns and the area around them stay neat and clean.

We work hard to make it easy for you to recycle!

Please contact us for more information on how to get a C4C recycling box, bin, or barn.

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