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Q: Where do the clothes I donate go?
A: We are proud to say that almost all our items, in addition to being diverted from landfills, stay domestically in the United States, where they are sold to other companies and organizations or recycled into other products. Specific textiles can be recycled at our plant in Millbury and are cut and sold to be made into mattress pad toppers, insulation for cars and furniture, and other uses. With Beacon-Edison Wiper, we also cut assorted items to be used as wiping clothes.

Q: Can I see where my clothes go?
A: Partly. As a part of Millbury Textile Recycling, Inc. we are happy to provide tours of our plant in Millbury where we recycle textiles such as sweaters and denim. This is also a great opportunity for schools to educate students about textile recycling. Additionally, we have lesson plans on our website on our lessons plan page.

Q: When would I be able to tour the Millbury Factory?
A: Tours are given for free with no maximum or minimum number of people required. There is no age restriction as long as there is adult supervision and the tour is approximately 1 hour long. Tours are scheduled individually by request. If interested, please contact our Millbury office at 508-865-1717.

Q: What should I recycle?
A. Most of the unwanted textiles and clothing from your household can be recycled. For more information on the products we collect, please check our acceptables page.


Q: Why should I recycle?
A: Many residents mistakenly discard gently used textiles because they are unaware they can recycle them or don’t know where they can bring them. The idea behind Cash4Clothes is that textiles such as clothes and household linens, blankets, sheets, towels and curtains are too valuable to trash. Some do not decompose in landfills at all and some take months to years.

• Cotton rags, 1-5 months
• Wool socks, 1-5 years
• Nylon fabric, 30-40 years

Each year tons of clothing and textiles are brought to the dump as trash, costing the residents money. When you recycle clothing, your green efforts save money on trash-dumping fees and help the environment.

Q: Besides donating, can I do anything else to get involved?
A: The absolute best way to get involved is to help spread the word. You can do this by word of mouth, joining our facebook page, telling us about your experience by reviewing us, and taking pictures of your fundraisers and uploading them to our facebook page. If you have any other ideas, we are also willing to collaborate so please feel free to contact us.

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