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Whether you are raising money for a specific organization, your school, your community, or any other purpose, Cash4Clothes can make your fundraising process easier. We will collect your recycled gently used clothing and household linens, weigh them and send you a check within 5 business days.

How Do You Have a Used Clothing Fundraising Drive?
• Pick a date
• Contact us
• Advertise your event
• Collect clothing
• We pick it up and give you Cash for your Clothes

It's that simple!

Other Information
• We provide you with Gaylord boxes, free of charge, or can collaborate with you or your organization to drop off bins or barns. For more information on options, check out our boxes, bins, and barns page.

• We have our own transportation and we will not send in third parties. We make sure we’re there when you need us.

• We have plenty of space at our facility so we’ll always be ready to pick up your recycling when you want us to.

• We make removing textiles from the landfills, waste streams and your homes easy and convenient while providing much needed funds for whatever your needs are.

For more information please contact us Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Or, visit our Redemption Center Sunday through Friday from 9:00am to 3:30pm.


Testimonial from Grafton Girl Scout Troop 30217:

“Our Girl Scout Troop was planning a trip to Europe in 2016 and we were looking for ways to earn money. In Fall of 2014 we were introduced to Clothes4Cash's fundraising opportunity. After speaking with them we realized this was a wonderful opportunity and would benefit so many other people not just our troop. We had an outdoor bin (which they painted with the Girl Scout Logo) and placed several indoor collection boxes. We advertised, people cleaned out their closets, the bin and boxes filled up, Millbury Textiles picked up the bags and we received a check, it was that easy! In the time that we worked with Millbury Textiles we collected 10,468 pounds of recyclable textile items keeping them out of the landfills. This was as rewarding as our trip to London, Paris, Florence and Rome.”

Thank you Millbury Textiles!
Grafton Girl Scout Troop 30217

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