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Frank Huntley has built Pill Man and, ready or not, he wants the world to meet him, to learn what years of prescription medicine use did to him. He wants doctors to realize there are other methods of treating chronic pain besides simply filling out a prescription and showing their patients the door.

How Can I Help?
• Sponsor a Pill Man Bin
• Clothing Fundraisers
• Donate clothes

Sponsoring a Bin
Sponsoring a bin is as easy as picking up the phone. Once you’re location has been approved we will deliver, set up, monitor and maintain your bin.

Clothing Fundraisers
Another great way to help Pill Man! Either on your own or as part of another event (think church fair or maybe 5K). Pick a day and let people know where to bring their clothing donation. Let us know in advance and Cash 4 Clothes will pick up the textiles you have collected.

Donate Clothes
Bring your clothing to our redemption center and make sure you say “Pill Man sent you”.


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